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Welcome to Leadership Insights- A Space for the BHLN Community to Share Ideas

Community knowledge sharing- boosting BIPOC voices

BHLN is continually finding ways to tell stories, share experiences, and promote Black, Indigenous, and PoC voices in healthcare leadership. This new addition to our site is meant to be a space for community member ideas and thought leadership.

Group of Black women talking at a desk in a meeting

Leadership Interviews

BHLN will be engaging BIPOC leaders, working in healthcare and other industries as well, in a series of interviews to gather insight and understanding into the BIPOC leadership experience. What is it like to develop a career as a BIPOC person? How does identity contribute to the experience? We explore these questions and more

Interested in participating? or thinking of nominating someone you know for a leadership interview? Get in touch with us at

Opinion Pieces and Thought Leadership

If you are a specialist in your area and have something to contribute to the healthcare leadership discourse, we want to hear from you. BIPOC authors are encouraged to contact us with their ideas. BHLN will help to promote and share your ideas with the community.

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