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The BHLN Team is constantly working on program offerings . Scroll down to get a sneak peak at what's coming.

Interested in helping to develop a program or contributing in other ways? 

Senior Leadership Speaker Series

Have you ever wanted to know what it takes to develop a career in health leadership? What are the skills, experiences, that make a good leader? How do BIPOC leaders experience their journey?

We're developing a collection of intimate conversations and interviews that will be available as public events and other publications to share insights from senior BIPOC health leaders. 

Have ideas on who we need to talk to? send us an email, we'd love to hear from you.

Public Speaker

BIPOC Women Healthcare Leadership

We are developing a program to highlight, celebrate, and learn from BIPOC women leading the way in healthcare. Make sure to join us to make some new connections in the community.

Confident Businesswoman


The greatest value of the BHLN community is the members in it. Regardless of where you are in your career journey, connecting with other community members can help accelerate your career, discover new paths, and help you to become a stronger leader.  

Business Consultation

Leadership Rounds

To help grow interest and awareness of various career pathways in the sector, BHLN volunteers will be connected with BIPOC students in programs at secondary, post-secondary, and graduate school levels to share experiences and insights into the variety of careers outside the conventional doctor and nurse.  

Teacher Lecture
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